Call For Articles

We pleased to announce that Seri Filsafat Teologi Widya Sasana is now open for submissions. We gladly invite you to submit articles on any topics that are part of the topics of interest to the journal. 

Seri Filsafat Teologi Widya Sasana is a bilingual journal which focuses on publishing new research in all areas of inculturation and contextualization of theology and philosophy in Indonesia.

The journal is published once per year (October) and combines longer feature articles (English and Indonesia) with a short document report and a longer book review article (Bahasa Indonesia). All published articles are available online. These articles undergo the peer-review process. For further details on submission standards, please see author guidelines.

The journal is managed by editors of P3M STFT Widya Sasana, Malang, but it has international advisory board. The journal will address issues of importance to scholars, students and researchers of theology and philosophy.

We will highly appreciate your kind helps to circulate this announcement to your related academic circles